A Reliable & Professional Mobile Team at YOUR Door!

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Our Story

Diamond Auto Salon has been catering High-Quality vehicle customization and protection for several years now. A large part to maintaining a quality finish to our services at Diamond Auto Salon is the after care which we couldn't provide. Our client's have been requesting a reputable team to maintain their vehicles after spending good money on a ceramic coating or vehicle wrap package - SO WE HAVE ANSWERED! 

You no longer have to rely on the careless local car washes who focus on pure volume and profit using old equipment and damaging your expensive customization and protection add-ons. We are here to deliver quality protection and customization solutions and finally be able to maintain them there-after! 

We are excited to announce Diamond Auto Salon "Mobile" as your #1 solution to maintain your luxury vehicle using only the best equipment. Our professional team of detailers will come to
YOU and keep your vehicle looking the best it can- *scratch-free* & shiny as can be!